Take control of your identity and privacy

Use advanced tracking, a network of peers, and artificial intelligence to protect your identity and hold the companies who traffic in stolen information accountable.

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IDShade puts you in control of your information.

Stop letting businesses profit off the sale of your private data!

Private Email Addresses

Keep your private email address private and only expose an IDShade address to predatory businesses.

Filter and Forward

Filter valid or important messages and forward them safely to your primary address.

Never Unsubscribe

Never worry about unsubscribing again - IDShade catches all the junk for you automatically!

Network Effects

As unwanted messages flow through the system, we learn and better track the junk. Every email makes the system smarter, protecting you and your network.

Strong Account Protection

Your data stays 100% under your control. No one will ever sell, distribute, or otherwise use your data without your express permission. Close your account at any time to stay protected.

Work Together

Work with the community to hold the companies dealing in our private data accountable!

Simple, Basic Pricing

Private Beta

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$ 0 Per Month

Unlimited Email Aliases

Unlimited Storage

1 User

Free Support

Public Launch

Once IDShade launches publicly, the basic package covers:

$ 6.99 Per Month

Unlimited Email Aliases

Unlimited Storage

1 User

Free Support

Frequently Asked Questions

You want to know more? We're here to help. These are some common questions people have asked about the why behind IDShade...

Why are you doing this?

We believe it's time the people took control over their data. Our goal is to help put you in the driver's seat by tracking when and by what company your contact information is sold, breached, or otherwise profited from by untrustworthy third parties.

What exactly is IDShade?

IDShade is a tool that allows you to keep your real email address hidden from the business you interact with. Instead of sharing your private contact email, you share an IDShade address unique to you and the business. Any message they send is filtered through our system - you can access all messages at any time and choose the ones that are forwarded to your real email. No one but us will ever see your real email address.

What will you do with my information?

We'll automatically scan incoming email to train an AI system to identify and categorize any messages that shouldn't be there - like when a bank sells your information to other lenders who then spam you with loan offers. We never sell your data or offer it to third parties. Your data is your data, and you're paying for us to keep it safe.

How long is the private beta?

Once the platform is ready, we'll open it up to a handful of early users to help us test and validate the system. After we've worked out the bugs, we'll open things to the general public to sign up as paying customers. The private beta will be at least a month, but might be extended if the system isn't fully baked. Anyone who helps us beta test will be granted a discounted account for at least a year after the beta concludes.

Will you offer other plans, or just one?

When IDShade launches, we'll do so with just the base plan. As new features come online, some will be added to the base plan to make it more valuable. Others, however, will be offered either in a higher-tier plan or a la carte for existing users.

Can I cancel an account?

Paying customers can cancel at any time. We'll also give you the option to either anonymize any collected data (so your peers can continue to benefit from a strong, well-trained AI platform) or to permanently purge your private information from our system.